2021.05.10 The Launch of Breast Ring-array Ultrasound Imaging System “COCOLY”

Lily MedTech Inc. received Pre-market Certification (Ninsho) for our breast ring-array ultrasound imaging system “COCOLY” on April 28th , 2021, and we started selling the system domestically.

2020.10.30 Lily MedTech singed the Sole Distributorship Agreement with Alfresa Corporation

Lily MedTech Inc. concluded a Sole Distributorship Agreement with Alfresa Corporation to distribute its breast ultrasound imaging system to medical institutions nationwide.

2020.08.21 USD 2.3m of NEDO grant awarded to Lily MedTech

Lily MedTech Inc., a spin-off startup company from the University of Tokyo,
who develops an innovative breast cancer screening system using ultrasound,
has been awarded USD2.3m of 2020 New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization’s
Product Commercialization Alliance (NEDO-PCA) grant.

2020.07.01 Notice of Change in COO/CFO, Board Member

Yohei Kondo, who had been Business Administration Director of Management Department,
became COO / CFO as of 1st July, 2020.

2019.04.19 Notice of Changes in CTO, Board Member

Azuma Takashi, who had been supporting Lily MedTech Inc. as technical advisor,
resigned the University of Tokyo and joined Lily MedTech as CTO/Board member.
In this connection, our former CTO/Board member,
Tsuyoshi Mitake was appointed as Director, Engineering Ⅰ to lead engineering team.