CTO Takashi Azuma


CEO Shiho Azuma

  • 2021.03.25

CEO Shiho Azuma I was motivated to start this company when, as a high school student, I lost my mother to cancer. My mother unexpectedly suffered from a highly malignant brain tumor which affects only 1 out of 100,000 people. The extremely low 5 year survival rate of this type of cancer saw her pass away at the age of 46 after battling the disease for a year and a half. Even back then, I knew that the survival rate of the disease was low, but we still tried various treatments. As my mother’s treatment progressed, she lost weight, lost her hair, and did not want to go out anymore. This fact that we lost her as a family member deeply changed my family. Because of this experience, I wanted to spare others from having to go through the same kind of experiences as I did. This spirit is what led to me start my own business. However, watching my mother live almost exactly the length of time the doctor initially stated led to me realize the limitations of current medical treatment. As a result, I decided on a field other than medicine after graduating from high school. Not that100